Dear customers:

From 1st June 2014, we will use a new security pcb (named SPCB) instead of the CODE BOX for new software authorizations, when you buy new softwares, we will send the SPCB to you free, then you can fit the SPCB inside the machine (read the mannual in detail). For all the old users with CODE BOX, you can send the CODE BOX to us to exchange the SPCB, if you do not want to send the CODE BOX back, you can go to the online shop and buy the SPCB. (if you insist on using the CODE BOX instead of the SPCB, the software will stop at the current version and can not update any more).

Online Shopping:
User   Manual: SPCB USER MANUAL of Datasmart3+.pdf
                 SPCB USER MANUAL of DSP3+.pdf